How to Record Calls on Your iPhone? – 5 Best Apps to Record iPhone Calls

How to Record Calls on Your iPhone? – 5 Best Apps to Record iPhone Calls

Recording calls on an iPhone is a great way to track who you talked to, when you talked to them, and how long you spoke to them. There are various reasons and techniques for recording a phone call on your iPhone.

 It’s important to note that, due to restrictions placed by Apple, recording calls on an iPhone is not allowed. It is typically simpler to record a phone conversation using an Android device. There is a valid reason why you cannot record calls on an iPhone. Because Apple values your privacy so much, it won’t give other apps access to your microphone. Recording a phone conversation may be prohibited in several states.

However, using the most frequent call recording technique, you’ll need two devices to record a phone call on your iPhone. This is because while an iPhone is actively taking a phone call, no recordings may be made using the built-in microphone.

Some programmes can assist you in getting around this, but the approach described here is frequently regarded as the most user-friendly for people who want to record iPhone conversations.

Is it Legal to Record Phone Conversations?

Federal legislation stipulates that at least one party must give consent. Thus you must either participate in the recorded conversation or obtain at least one participant’s permission. Otherwise, it can be considered illegal eavesdropping or wiretapping. Even stronger restrictions that demand the agreement of all parties to the communication exist in other places.

Always check your state’s laws and the laws of anyone else in the conversation before recording a conversation. Although the invasion of privacy caused by recording calls may not be as severe as other iPhone spying incidents, it might nevertheless be disturbing to some people.

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Step by Step Process to Record Call in iPhone

Step 1: Install the Voice Memos app or any other voice recording app

To begin with, confirm that you have an iPhone and an iOS device with a microphone. The second gadget may also be an iPhone. The crucial feature is that it can run the Voice Memos software and work with an integrated or external microphone (either should be fine). Free to download from the app store and preinstalled on some devices is the Apple Voice Memos app. Make sure the app is installed and working before moving on. 

Step 2: Begin the recording

Tap the record button in the Voice Memos app on your second device. Start the phone call on your iPhone and put it in speakerphone mode after the recording has begun on your second device.

The conversation can now proceed as usual. But make sure the phone you’re using is in speaker mode, the second device is recording, and it’s close enough to pick up the audio from your phone. Make sure that these devices stay close to one another if you move while speaking.

Step 3: File Transferring

When the chat is over, you can cancel the call on your iPhone and stop the recording on your second device. Choose the recording file from the Voice Memos app, tap the ellipses button to reveal sharing options, and text the file to your iPhone. You might also email it or use another method to share it with yourself.

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Best Apps to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

We’ll look at some of the best apps to record phone calls on iOS devices. We’ll also discuss some other options for doing the same thing.

1. RecMyCalls 

RecMyCalls record calls using your carrier’s conference call capability. It’s never been simpler to record both incoming and outgoing calls! With only a few touches, you can record any call and listen to recordings whenever possible! RecMyCalls permits listening to previously recorded conversations but cannot record new calls without an ongoing subscription.

Key Features: 

  • When the conversation ends, access the recordings and share them with other devices or apps.
  • You may record incoming calls effortlessly and quickly record outgoing calls.
  • Export the transcriptions of your recordings after text conversion.

2. Google Voice

One of the most straightforward call recording techniques available is Google Voice. You receive a phone number from Google Voice that may be used for calls, texts, and voicemail. You may use the app at work, at home, or while on the go because it functions on both desktops and smartphones and syncs across them.

Key Features: 

  • From Gmail, you can place and receive calls.
  • It can assist you in keeping the texts you send using Google Voice for work and personal use distinct.
  • You can redirect calls to different numbers using your Google Voice number.
  • Your voicemail can be converted into text using its sophisticated speech recognition technology.

3. Call Recorder by Pretty Boa Media Ltd

Click the RECORD button on the app’s home screen. Your local service number will be called by your phone. After dialling the recorded service number, tap the Add Call button on your screen to dial the person you want to reach. Tap the Merge button to make a 3-way call with your current call and the recording line. The discussion recording will be accessible from within the app as soon as it is over.

Key Features: 

  • Both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded.
  • No restrictions on the number of recordings or the length of the recordings
  • Records are safely stored in the cloud.
  • As soon as a phone call is over, recordings are immediately available, and sharing recordings is simple.

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4. Rev Voice Recorder

Compared to a traditional voice recorder, Rev’s voice recording software produces recordings of superior quality. To record while you’re on the go, download it immediately to your phone. Our voice memo app guarantees you have a nearly flawless reference for crucial sound bites when doing interviews or trying to remember an idea.

Key Features: 

You may easily record meetings, interviews, documents, and lectures using Rev Voice Recorder.

Utilize the programme to arrange your recordings and edit your audio files before sharing them via email, Dropbox, or Evernote.

Any voice recording’s text transcription is 99 per cent accurate.

It boasts a user-friendly design and crystal-clear audio quality.

5. TapeACall Pro

It is the top call recorder software for Android and iPhone. TapeACall is the most reliable call recorder because of its crystal-clear call recording technology.

Key Features: 

  • It offers 99% accurate phone transcriptions and mobile call recording capabilities for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Secure and limitless recording storage
  • Integrates for simple sharing with Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services.

Does the iPhone have Call Recording Apps?

Many carry out this task in one way or another. Though, the microphone usage during a phone call by third-party apps is restricted by Apple. Because of this, most programmes that allow you to record phone calls must employ sophisticated techniques to get around this obstacle. People also utilize Google Voice and Other apps and the Voice Memos app.

If the phone is on speaker or the microphone is placed close to the speaker next to your ear, you can also record phone conversations using most computers and a microphone. There are many audio recording software solutions available for iOS and Windows systems.